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About Us

Verified Consulting is a multifaceted consulting agency with a clear mission: to bridge the gap between public relations (PR) and digital marketing strategies for businesses aiming for substantial growth. Our primary focus is to help organizations seamlessly unify their PR efforts and digital presence, which often operate in disjointed silos, and drive a unified, impactful narrative across traditional and digital mediums.

Verified Gets It

At Verified Consulting, we have the tools, connections, and resources in this ever-transforming world. We understand the relationship between obtaining press, building brand awareness, and cultivating meaningful partnerships. We create successful digital marketing campaigns that garner maximum exposure resulting in the ultimate impact for your brand.

Our Brooklyn NY boutique consulting firm specializes in establishing “the perfect pitch,” for both small to mid-level businesses, and individuals alike. We create strategic campaigns for our clients including press placements, influencer relations, social media, media partnerships, and event activation. At Verified Consulting  you can enjoy the personable services that you expect at a smaller firm, with the benefits of industry access and the strong media connections of a large agency.

Small Team, Big Results

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More than a Press Mention

At Verified Consulting we create experiences for our clients that become “more than a mention” in the news and the digital world. We believe that media partnerships are best for brand exposure, sales, and customer retention. Our team of consultants prides ourselves on cultivating a community for your brand that results in long-term relationships with your targeted customers.

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